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Music Box was established in Kuwait in the year 1984, operating two of the largest recorded music shops in the country.

In 1985, Music Box’s wholesale division was established. Music Box rapidly became one of the largest distributors of major and independent labels in the country.

In Dubai the first Music Box retail outlet was opened in the year 1989. Also, a branch office was opened at the same date to support the new retail operation and to develop wholesale operations in the U.A.E under the name of "Music Box International".

In the year 1990, Music Box International opened "Sound of Music", the largest music shop in U.A.E., firmly established Music Box as the major recorded music company in Kuwait and U.A.E.

Music Box’ head office was moved to Dubai to support the rapid expansion.

In UAE, Music Box International succeeded in obtaining an exclusive distribution rights for several labels (Western and Arabic).

The Year 1991 was a witness of Music Box International's growth whereas the wholesales in U.A.E. grown over 200% more than the last year and Music Box became one of the largest distributors of recorded music in U.A.E.

PolyGram reported that Music Box International was their largest distributor in U.A.E.

In 1992, Music Box International expanded the products' range, they obtained an exclusive distribution rights to include more major and independent labels.

The year 1993 was the turning point of MBI as a record label, whereas the Production Division was established ,they start engaging in production and distribution of new Arabic artists . Music Box International produced their first release on the independent Music Box International label (MBI), the first album sold over 300,000 copies. In the same year and for supporting the production Division, Music Box International opened an office and retail outlet in Lebanon.

In 1994, MBI expanded their activities they established the international department which succeeded to set up a licensing division for international repertoire. The first acts to be licensed for the territory of the entire Middle East were "Bad Boys Blue" and the album was "To Blue Horizons". Subsequently, the first promotional concert in Dubai (June) was held with more planning throughout the Middle East.

Music Box International established a Video Department to start its operation in 1995 after the copyright law was implemented from 1st of September 1994.

In 1995, MBI gained recognition for their Arabic repertoire and secured sole position as their record label with the strongest Arabic repertoire catalogue in the Middle East and hence automatically the world's. Each album of every artist released by MBI became a mega-seller. On the international repertoire, MBI entered into a lot of licensing agreements with some major record companies in Europe.

As a result, MBI had set up an in-house state-of-the-art mastering suite. This facilitated the advent of the post-Production Department in Dubai. All kinds of post-production works were being done for the Arabic Department. With regards to the International Department, mega-mixes were produced and as a result the hits selling "Music Box Power Mix" series originated.

The year 1996 was a wittiness of the expansion of the Video Department with other multi-media products like DVD, LD, VCD and MBI by now cine label having licensing deals with some movie companies in the U.S.A.

On the audio, MBI continued to target the release of MBI label products on a weekly basis for both Arabic and international repertoire products.

Over the months, MBI took a strong grip in the market share for MBI label titles to about 29% for international repertoire and 75% for Arabic repertoire products.

In 1997, MBI expanded the number of retail outlets to five in the U.A.E. With the inclusion of "Roly Video" in Abu Dhabi.

A music cassette manufacturing plant was set up in Lebanon. With a large capacity of production, MBI came to the forefront as top music cassette replication in the Middle East as well.

In 1998, MBI opened up branches in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) and U.S.A. (Dallas, Texas). In this year also, all the departments in all of MBI branches around the world were smooth sailing with profits jumping up by 38% over the previous year. This gave MBI an incentive to set up a video editing and mastering suite in Dubai. It was therefore transformed into an audio-video editing and mastering suite.

In 1999, MBI became one of the largest producer and distributor of Arabic repertoire in the Middle East and started searching for distributors or licensees for world market outside the Middle East.

In 2000, Music Box International entered the new millennium. The key word here was......EXPANSION. For this reason the head office was moved to huge premise housing under one roof, the Management Office and the Warehouse. The studio then expanded from a state-of-the-art audio and video mastering suite to become one of the largest studio with the latest voice over technology, and separate video replicating and live digital audio recording unit respectively.

Works included MBI repertoire (audio and video) and outside jobs. MBI also expanded its horizon in its retail section by including another four shops totaling to ten outlets in the U.A.E. making MBI the largest retail audio and video enterprise in the region.

In 2001, MBI succeeded to increase their share of local market wholesales when they became one of the main suppliers to Virgin Megastores branches in U.A.E.

Year 2002 was the expansion of MBI wholesales business with the opening of the eighth store of Carrefour in U.A.E. and Virgin Megastores with five stores, including their new store in Kuwait. Where MBI focus on issues of foreign and contracting with a larger number of producers in Europe.

Year 2003 has been the trend towards large retail stores focused on the development of music’s retail sales and provided them with wide range of audio and video products. In 2004, MBI began dealing with Alsafeer group in the seven branches spread throughout the state and provided goods for special promotional offers. MBI put up an album with the artist Super Star, Rowayda Atiya which achieved great popularity in the Arab world and through the famous T.V programmed (Super Star). This album also achieved great success and had huge sales with the largest productions of the year.

At this year's event was the opening of MBI new office in Syria, which includes cassettes factory and studios equipped with the latest technologies and also integrated the management of production and distribution in Syria to MBI products and many Arabic agencies.

In 2005, MBI operate a new music section at Ibn Battuta Mall within Geant Hypermarket in Dubai. This section achieved excellent sales and results with wide range CD’ and DVD’s from Arabic and international releases.

Expansion section opened branches in United Hypermarket, Dubai and in Mega mart, Sharjah.

Agreements were signed for the expansion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to become a major supplier for Carrefour and Geant Hypermarkets.

Year 2006, Music Box established regional office in Kingdome of Bahrain, operating the wholesales business alone with a new retail music section at Geant Hypermarket inside Bahrain Mall. In the same year MBI established another regional office in Qatar, operating the wholesales business in the country. And it succeeded to win an exclusive contract with Carrefour Hypermarkets to handle all the music sections inside their stores in Qatar.

In same year 2006 accordance to the policy of the company in the development and diversification of resources, MBI launched the MBI Factory for the manufacturing of compact discs (CDs & DVDs) with the estimated production capacity of 40000 Discs per day to cover the Arabian Gulf region and the Middle East based in Dubai ( main office).

In 2007, the company Music Box International opened a branch in Syria, which includes all the features and services needed by the internal market and the market of Iraq, Lebanon and neighboring countries, so that has been provided

  Internal distribution to wholesale market of CD's and DVD's
  Opening audio studio with the latest sound equipment
  Opening a fully-integrated factory for the manufacture of CD and DVD and tapes in addition to packaging service.

Also in 2007, MBI’s main objective was to increase the share of the retail branches in the United Arab Emirates contracting with E-ON started the first section in Alwehda Shopping Center in Abu Dhabi followed by the other branches of the company. MBI also had an increase in the share of the company's sales contracts for wholesale with Virgin Mega Stores to provide them a big range of products in the new Qatar branch within Villaggio Shopping Center.

In 2008, MBI started with the opening of two new branches within Carrefour Hypermarket which are the Carrefour Sharjah and Carrefour Shindagha. Also, inauguration of the two new branches in Qatar which are the Carrefour Hypermarket Villaggio and Carrefour Hypermarket Landmark was witnessed.

In 2009, MBI started with the opening new branch within Carrefour Hypermarket which are the Carrefour Bawadi Mall and in same year MBI start as well with 6 outlets of Aswaaq.

Also in 2009 MBI started with World Mart which is related to Choithram & Sons LLC in Arabian Mall Mirdiff Dubai.

As well 2009, the Music Box to re-establish a branch in Kuwait for wholesale distribution and opening retail points in each of the Carrefour and Geant Hypermarket.

2012 MBI launched the MBI Factory of the third branch in city of Irbil – Iraq. Manufacturing of compact discs (CDs & DVDs) with the estimated production capacity of 90000 Discs per day. Following with development taking place in the city so as to meet the needs of the Iraqi market and neighboring regions.

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